SEO Brainstorm an LSA like SEO tool

Pay Per Results is a team of SEO enthusiasts that loves to usefull applications for SEO.

We focus in all the stuff that can make helps search engine optimizers to walk faster and get better ranking results.

Our goal is to constantly find solutions for a better SEO efficiency, SEO Efficency is not ony about link building velocity or fast content publishing, it's also about quality.

To ensure quality in search engine optimization, we are working on semantic analysis tools that help us to do a kind of reverse engineering that allows us to know how you must optimize your web pages content.

We support SEO Hero for the Wix contest

Because we believe that Latent semantic analysis will be the future of SEO, it's a research field that we'll explore as soon as possible

That saied we want to support the Wix challenger SEO Hero (that entered the game with a great and promising semantic explorer).

French SEO Brainstorm tool

We recently discovered that Exalead (a french search engine) uses Latent semantic indexing to provided related keywords. This was an exciting SEO discovery for us, that's why we build a simple tool that can helps you a lot ine the brainstorm step of your SEO Content strategy.

Need a more granular and multilingual Latent semantic Explorer for your search engine optimizations tasks?

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